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With over 50,000+ users and counting, AutoLIMS is the most powerful and trusted LIS on the market.

You Need It, We Provide It

Our highly customizable software will provide you with a system that is fully adaptable to your current workflows and will meet your staff’s specific needs.

Our professional team will analyze your lab operations and assist you in defining the best solution for your lab. We will guide you on how to use the system in order to improve the workflow, automate your processes, and reduce human error.

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A Complete Solution for All Labs & All Work Stages

The AutoLIMS™ modules provide solutions which meet the requirements of all clinical laboratories, including Hematology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Endocrinology, Microbiology, Anatomic Pathology (including Histology & Cytopathology), Blood Bank (including donors) and Genetics. The system is US-FDA certified and is fully compatible with universal clinical standards.

AutoLims – Core LIS

The core module for independent, commercial, and hospital based medical laboratories, AutoLims manages all stages of the clinical testing process – from the physician’s office to the nurse or phlebotomy station, through the lab acceptance area, and the clinical testing process – and reports the results back to the physician.

AutoAccess – Secure Web Access

AutoAccess provides secure and reliable, web-based remote access, to laboratory data. Physicians located at clinics, nursing homes or hospitals, as well as laboratory managers, service centers and lab sales people – can perform operations such as ordering tests, viewing results online, and generating reports. Users can enter both standard and scheduled orders.

AutoBilling – Financial Module

AutoBilling is an automated and highly customizable billing management system that manages the entire billing & payment aspects of lab activities with insurance companies, third-party payers and patients. It supports HIPAA 835, 837, HCFA standards, as well as multiple electronic formats for invoices which allow interfacing to client electronic systems, including automatic “Medicare Part-A” invoicing.

AutoAP – Anatomic Pathology Module

AutoAP consists of Integrated test procedures and handles all work stages, from work item generation & labeling, to inspection, result entry and storage. Result entry supports MS Word templates, voice recording & electronic sign off. It fully supports ICD9, SNOMED, Bethesda, LOINC, ICD-0-3 coding systems, cassette and slide labelers.

AutoGenetics – Genetics Lab Module

AutoGenetics performs advanced genetic testing & typing to yield patient clinical information and detailed family history. The workflow management supports step-by-step procedures – both sequential and parallel. Results screens are customized per lab and procedure.

AutoMicro – Microbiology Lab Module

AutoMicro contains a full suite of advanced tests for the modern Microbiology laboratory. It easily builds computerized flowcharts to handle the lab’s numerous dynamic processes, by using its elaborate reflex testing capabilities that are based on an extensive formula language, and records work stage results of internal tests.

Main Features and Benefits: We Have Plenty More

  • Easy to use

  • Feature rich

  • Highly scalable

  • O/S independent

  • All labs, all stages

  • Cost reducing

  • Extremely stable

  • Single database

  • Complete audit trail

  • Interfacing & connectivity

  • Powerful reporting mechanism

  • Database neutral

About Us: NeTLIMS

Because We’re Different

NeTLIMS is a leading global provider of Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) to hundreds of hospital and commercial laboratories worldwide. In the U.S., NeTLIMS serves commercial and hospital clinical laboratories including prestigious companies such as Quest Diagnostics. As part of our global presence, we serve the second largest HMO in the world which generates over 200,000 daily requisitions.
NeTLIMS’ worldwide success is based on our flagship product suite, AutoLims, and our commitment to excellent customer service. We oversee and manage the entire LIS implementation project, from the gap analysis and planning, to the installation and implementation of our modular product. NeTLIMS is very attentive to its customers’ needs and delivers any custom development at an unprecedented industry turnaround time. With AutoLims’® built in configurability and numerous customization options, our customers are ensured a perfect match to any workflow. After the installation is complete, we provide continuous 24×7 support, while paying attention to client needs and delivering incredibly fast turnaround times. NeTLIMS’ employees work closely with our clients throughout the life cycle of each project, ensuring efficient, rapid, and top quality service.

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Client Testimonials

NeTLIMS is proud of the products and services we provide to our clients, as we strive to maintain this level of service in everything we do. Check out what our users are saying about AutoLims!

“If it’s programmable, they can program it!”

“There were several systems that were reviewed as a replacement for our previous application, and NetLims has met all our needs. As far as responsiveness, I have never had a problem from their project managers to their programmers. They are very knowledgeable…– Mr. Hal Wachter, Director, Client Services Director, Shiel Laboratories NY

One of the things that was a source of frustration for us with other LISs was the inability to do reflex testing with our Pap smears. And NetLims does that very well. With some other LISs, if you have a large volume of Pap tests, you’d have to go through all those tests, look for the ASCUS [atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance], then look at the client and see how they want it handled. All this is done automatically behind the scenes by the software.
Dr. Mark Catlin, MD, MedTox Scientific
AutoLIMS was our top choice to replace our old LIS system. Its openness, limitless configuration options and flexibility enabled us to customize the applications to meet the variable needs of different laboratory business focus – hospitals, long term care, reference, clinical trials or combination of. NeTLIMS’ Implementation and Support team are innovative, energized, willing to listen, implement and accommodate customer requests quickly. The whole NeTLIMS team is focused on Customer Satisfaction!
Anna Welder, General Manager , NICL Laboratories
In addition to our hospitals, we also serve some 120 clinics and over 800 doctors. After a negative experience with other LIMS vendors, we found the company’s cooperation outstanding. They are very responsive, react on very short notice and demonstrated impressive understanding of the laboratory world, and absolute dedication to our needs.
Dr. Amir Shneor, Head of Medical Laboratories, Ha'emek Medical Center
Clalit is Israel’s largest HMO with 3,500,000 members… we have more than 130 laboratories in 25 locations. We reached the conclusion that AutoLims best meets our needs.The two main factors were:
First, AutoLims’ scalability and ability to manage hospitals, regional laboratories and outreach services, in both networked and stand alone fashion according to configuration.
Secondly, AutoLims’ outstanding interfacing capabilities to other systems like A.T.D, outreach and billing, both internal and external. Implementation for the entire organization went smoothly including the interfacing to all our other IT systems.
AutoLims was designed with the features and scalability that our old legacy solutions lacked. We feel it is one of the most flexible LIS systems available today.
Mr. Yechiel Gepner, Chief Information Officer , Clalit Health Services