December 2015

Read the review posted in July 2015 in Cap Today - the interactive guide to laboratory software and instrumentation - after deploying AutoLIMS in Sonora-Quest laboratories. Mr. David N. Moore is the laboratory chief information officer hired by Sonora-Quest Laboratories to "flip the switch" on the new LIS. Read the full article HERE.

1. Are you typing or clicking? Seriously, typing?? When I was a child, my dad bought me an Apple II (which sort of tells you my age). It was a really cool computer and it could do anything – as long as that thing came in green, and I could type exactly what I wanted it to do in Applesoft BASIC. Then came the 80s. If your system still requires you to type, if a black box window is something that is a part of your LIS – then you might want to consider a new LIS. 2. Fault proof and disaster recovery. Are you ready? I was in NY City in the big power outage of 2003. It was an amazing thing. Suddenly, the city that never stops, was quiet. There was no air-condition hum, no noise, the trains did not work. I remember the restaurants that served free ice cream to anyone who walked by. It was either that, or the ice cream would have melted. I guess they did not have a backup generator. When we are talking about your lab, things are much more complex. You need to be able not only to keep a perfect copy of your databases, but