December 2017

Learn about NeTLIMS complete solution of Laboratory Information Management Systems, Mobile Apps, and Point-of-Care Telehealth Solutions, and how they Enhance Patient Outcomes, Compliance with MACRA/MIPS, and Positively Impact Revenue: A Guide to LabWay & LabOS. Table of Contents Introduction Medicare Quality Payment Programs and Value-based Care What Is the MACRA Quality Payment Program? What Is the MIPS Reimbursement Track? How Do MACRA / MIPS Impact Medical Laboratories’ Revenue? Using NeTLIMS LabOS LIS to Foster Healthy Outcomes LabOS Supports Value-based Care through Seamless Integration and Scalability LabWay App:NeTLIMS’ Mobile Product Delivers Value-based Care to Patients Even in Remote Locations LabOS, LabWay, and MIPS Points Achieving Goals for Value-Based Care Using LabOS and LabWay NeTLIMS, LabOS and LabWay Define Value-based Care How Point-of-Care Telehealth Solutions Reduce Hospital Readmissions How Do Digital Therapeutics Benefit Medical Laboratories? Telehealth and Chronic Disease Management NeTLIMS LabWay and Care Trek Conclusion Potential Savings and Revenue Increase About NeTLIMS Contact Information Terms of Use Legal Notices Introduction The shift from a traditional fee-for-service model to value-based healthcare requires a completely new approach for clinical laboratories to help clients improve their quality of care, enhance their workflow processes, and maintain viable revenue streams. It is absolutely critical that hospital, commercial, and outreach laboratories partner with a company that has the proven competence to help them thrive in this new environment. The NeTLIMS Laboratory Information