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The daunting task of moving to a new LIS software can be challenging enough without considering switching your deployment model. However, the adoption of value-based health care has put laboratories under increased pressure to reduce costs, while improving operational efficiency and quality. Sourcing an agile, integrated and scalable laboratory information systems (LIS), is a key strategic decision for any laboratory.  Considering a software as a service (SaaS) model could hold the key to a competitive advantage, not only for its ease of deployment, flexible scalability, and increased ROI; but also as it better positions laboratories to take advantage of future developments in technology. What is a SaaS model? There is no question that IT is moving to the cloud. According to Gartner, moving forward the cloud will become the prevalent approach when it comes to IT sourcing. A SaaS model intelligently makes use of the cloud to allow users to purchase a service using on demand licensing. SaaS includes the multi-tenant concept, where customers purchase a typical model of a product from a single point, while still allowing for separation of access to data. SaaS is centrally hosted and so a major advantage is that it is available over the internet any

Learn about NeTLIMS complete solution of Laboratory Information Management Systems, Mobile Apps, and Point-of-Care Telehealth Solutions, and how they Enhance Patient Outcomes, Compliance with MACRA/MIPS, and Positively Impact Revenue: A Guide to LabWay & LabOS. Table of Contents Introduction Medicare Quality Payment Programs and Value-based Care What Is the MACRA Quality Payment Program? What Is the MIPS Reimbursement Track? How Do MACRA / MIPS Impact Medical Laboratories’ Revenue? Using NeTLIMS LabOS LIS to Foster Healthy Outcomes LabOS Supports Value-based Care through Seamless Integration and Scalability LabWay App:NeTLIMS’ Mobile Product Delivers Value-based Care to Patients Even in Remote Locations LabOS, LabWay, and MIPS Points Achieving Goals for Value-Based Care Using LabOS and LabWay NeTLIMS, LabOS and LabWay Define Value-based Care How Point-of-Care Telehealth Solutions Reduce Hospital Readmissions How Do Digital Therapeutics Benefit Medical Laboratories? Telehealth and Chronic Disease Management NeTLIMS LabWay and Care Trek Conclusion Potential Savings and Revenue Increase About NeTLIMS Contact Information Terms of Use Legal Notices Introduction The shift from a traditional fee-for-service model to value-based healthcare requires a completely new approach for clinical laboratories to help clients improve their quality of care, enhance their workflow processes, and maintain viable revenue streams. It is absolutely critical that hospital, commercial, and outreach laboratories partner with a company that has the proven competence to help them thrive in this new environment. The NeTLIMS Laboratory Information

Read the review posted in July 2015 in Cap Today - the interactive guide to laboratory software and instrumentation - after deploying AutoLIMS in Sonora-Quest laboratories. Mr. David N. Moore is the laboratory chief information officer hired by Sonora-Quest Laboratories to "flip the switch" on the new LIS. Read the full article HERE.

1. Are you typing or clicking? Seriously, typing?? When I was a child, my dad bought me an Apple II (which sort of tells you my age). It was a really cool computer and it could do anything – as long as that thing came in green, and I could type exactly what I wanted it to do in Applesoft BASIC. Then came the 80s. If your system still requires you to type, if a black box window is something that is a part of your LIS – then you might want to consider a new LIS. 2. Fault proof and disaster recovery. Are you ready? I was in NY City in the big power outage of 2003. It was an amazing thing. Suddenly, the city that never stops, was quiet. There was no air-condition hum, no noise, the trains did not work. I remember the restaurants that served free ice cream to anyone who walked by. It was either that, or the ice cream would have melted. I guess they did not have a backup generator. When we are talking about your lab, things are much more complex. You need to be able not only to keep a perfect copy of your databases, but

Teaneck, NJ – NeTLIMS™ NJ, LLC, a provider of advanced Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), announced today that PathGroup, a provider of comprehensive anatomic, clinical and molecular pathology services based in Nashville, Tennessee, has selected the company’s AutoLims® advanced laboratory information system. PathGroup works with more than 70 hospitals and thousands of group practices across the United States. Founded in 1965, the company has over 700 employees and more than 70 pathologists representing every sub-specialty. PathGroup will be utilizing AutoLims for its core lab, microbiology and genetics, allowing the company to maximize its productivity, efficiency and profitability through technological superiority, accuracy, ease of use and careful attention to customer needs. “We chose to implement an LIS that would allow us to continue to deliver high quality service our customers have come to expect while streamlining our workflow,” said Ben Davis, M.D., President, Chairman and CEO for PathGroup. “The AutoLims product suite is a comprehensive tool that provides support from requisition to results and is customizable to meet our specific needs.” AutoLims is a powerful and intuitive, easy-to-install LIS that covers all aspects of a clinical lab’s operation while providing lightning-fast responsiveness. It is comprised of a broad suite of very scalable and flexible advanced software modules that

NeTLIMS NJ, LLC, a provider of advanced Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), announced today the latest release of AutoAP, the integrated Anatomic Pathology module for its AutoLims product suite. Jersey City, NJ - NeTLIMS NJ, LLC, a provider of advanced Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), announced today the latest release of AutoAP, the integrated Anatomic Pathology module for its AutoLims product suite. The AutoLims suite maximizes clinical laboratory productivity, efficiency and profitability based on technological superiority, accuracy, ease of use and careful attention to customer needs. Its advanced architecture and design includes multi-tier technology, multiple platform, database and order entry support, multi-user technology, Web access to laboratory results and flexible XML/XSL reporting. The enhancements provided to AutoLims through AutoAP cover a large spectrum, from clinician order entry to dozens of new management reports and higher efficiency on the production floor through various automations of routine pathology work. Some additional features of AutoAP include: Rapid Order Entry A new feature was added to default sample source and work items according to procedure and print the relevant labels (requisition/sample/block/slide) in 1D/2D formats. The remote users (clinics, patient service centers) enjoy a new design of the AutoWeb product, which was geared toward ordering pathology procedures, thus eliminating the lab need to