Project Description

The operating system for your lab

Selecting a new LIS is a big decision. It’s a decision that will probably affect your business for the next few decades.

In a world where technology advances at lightning speed, it is crucial to choose a solution that prioritizes and integrates the latest technology. This guarantees that the solution will remain relevant for years to come, giving you peace of mind and a competitive edge.

One Complete Solution

LabOS offers a unique and complete solution, which integrates all of your laboratory departments – including Clinical Pathology, Microbiology, Anatomic Pathology and Genetics – into a single database. A comprehensive product suite, based on a single set of catalogs and rules, drives the entire process, from test ordering at the physician’s office, through the lab’s internal processes and client services, all the way back to result delivery and billing.

LIS as a Service

We believe that your LIS should work for you, not the other way around. LabOS’s unique, elastic design architecture offers an extremely scalable, easy to manage solution that can be hosted in a private or public cloud. LabOS’s virtual design enables it to scale easily, from small hospital labs to large networked ACO’s, utilizing multi-site mode to handle tens of thousands of requisitions across a network of labs. A cloud solution means that there is no need to purchase expensive equipment and worry about maintenance and extensibility. With LabOS, you will receive LIS as a service. We’ll take care of the rest.


Delivering quick results in the modern lab means making the most of automation. LabOS excels in automating work processes by applying custom logic that ensures consistency and compliance with lab protocols. Extensive support for pre-analytical and analytical instruments, efficiently routes work in the lab, while speeding up the work processes and reducing human error. Full integration of quality control, including live patient data based controls, patient results delta checks, and results cross checking, supports maximal auto-validation while ensuring unwavering quality. The system can automate the procedures of samples receipt confirmation, results approval, results delivery and more.

Superior Service for your Clients

LabOS ensures that you provide your customers the superior service they deserve. With a unified system that is patient-centric, your client services department will provide superior service, saving your clients precious time by avoiding multiple forms or answering the same questions more than once. Clearly presented lab results and orders, which are accessible from any place on any platform, will lead to faster and better decisions, matched by a lightning fast and high quality lab service.

Support for multiple result delivery policies and methods, together with client-tailored result report formats and scheduled summary reports, means that you provide your clients with all of the information they need, wherever and whenever they need it.

User Friendly

We understand that time is valuable for lab managers and technicians. LabOS was designed with the workplace and users in mind and lives up to their expectations of a modern computerized system. With an interface that is task-driven and tailored to the users’ needs, it focuses on simplicity, efficiency, and the availability of information, reducing human error and saving time. Customizable dashboards allow users and managers to monitor the loads and bottlenecks through counters, widgets, and graph displays. They can also easily navigate to important details and directly handle them both efficiently and quickly.


Your laboratory has unique requirements and ways of performing tasks. Your workflow varies from one department to another, one workbench to another, and especially between users. LabOS enables multiple users to complete their different workflows as quickly and easily as possible. Customizable menus, views, and workflow settings help technicians optimize their efficiency in the workplace.

  • Complete solution in a single database

  • Includes CP/AP/Genetics & Billing

  • Scalable to any size

  • Multi-Site/ Multi-Network support

  • Patient-centric

  • Elastic cloud design

  • Interface engines included

  • Multi-level permission management

  • Fully integrated quality control

  • Complete support of reference labs

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