20 12, 2017

The Path to More Revenue: Cloud-Based LIMS, Mobile Apps and Point-of-Care Telehealth

Learn about NeTLIMS complete solution of Laboratory Information Management Systems, Mobile Apps, and Point-of-Care Telehealth Solutions, and how they Enhance Patient Outcomes, Compliance with MACRA/MIPS, and Positively Impact Revenue: A Guide to LabWay & LabOS. Table of Contents Introduction Medicare Quality Payment Programs and Value-based Care What Is the MACRA Quality Payment Program? What Is [...]

28 12, 2015

AutoLIMS on Cap Today

Read the review posted in July 2015 in Cap Today - the interactive guide to laboratory software and instrumentation - after deploying AutoLIMS in Sonora-Quest laboratories. Mr. David N. Moore is the laboratory chief information officer hired by Sonora-Quest Laboratories to "flip the switch" on the new LIS. [su_document url=""] Click HERE for the full [...]

1 12, 2015

11 Signs indicating it is time to change your LIS

1. Are you typing or clicking? Seriously, typing?? When I was a child, my dad bought me an Apple II (which sort of tells you my age). It was a really cool computer and it could do anything – as long as that thing came in green, and I could type exactly what I [...]