Selecting a new LIS is a big decision. It’s a decision that will probably affect your business for the next few decades.

In a world where technology advances at lightning speed, it is crucial to choose a solution that prioritizes and integrates the latest technology. This guarantees that the solution will remain relevant for years to come, giving you peace of mind and a competitive edge.


  • Complete solution in a single database.
  • Includes CP/AP/Genetics & Billing
  • Scalable to any size
  • Multi-Site/ Multi-Network support
  • Patient-centric
  • Elastic cloud design
  •  Interface engines included
  • Multi-level permission management
  • Fully integrated quality control
  • Complete support of reference labs
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LabMD enables physicians to perform actions from anywhere, including home or office, in web application mode, or while on-the-go via mobile app. Performing functions – such as contacting the patient or the lab, reviewing patient history, marking significant results for later follow-up if needed and more – is just a single click away.

LabMD is the ultimate Decision Support System for physicians, designed as an intrinsic part of the LabOS patient-centric architecture. LabMD not only allows for a comprehensive patient history, but also enables physicians to identify trends, assists in identifying new testing needed (and subsequently submits their requests), enables add-ons that utilize available samples, displays “Recently ordered” alerts that will prevent unnecessary ordering of tests and more. LabMD also provides easy access to various statistical reports, enabling physicians to obtain the full medical information needed to achieve meaningful results.


  • Patient information – demographic, insurance, history, and diagnoses
  • Manage standing orders for patients
  • Real time update of results
  • Easy and fast test ordering
  • Insurance validation of limited converge
  • Single order for all lab disciplines
  • Test add-ons using existing valid samples to avoid re-draw
  • Label printing
  • Automated report printing
  • Simplified samples collection
  • Various statistical reports Personalized dashboard
  • Interface with EMR’s
  • More…
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MyLab is a mobile app for patients that enables them to view their lab test results, and to perform various functions on-the-go. MyLab was developed with its prospective users and their level of medical literacy in mind. This ensures that the user enjoys the experience that is expected of modern professional applications, while being able to see only what is released by the medical professionals.

MyLab gives the laboratory and physician full control as to when each test can be accessed by the patient, and which types of tests (pathology, genetics, etc.) can be viewed. This ensures that patients aren’t prematurely exposed to information that requires prior mediation by a professional.


  • Clear and organized display of test results
  • Graphical display of trends
  • Access to family members’ accounts from a single account
  • Searchable history according to parameters
  • Easily shareable results
  • Display list of awaiting orders
  • Secure application
  • Communication with the physician at the swipe of a finger
  • Available for iOS and Android
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LabWay is an intuitive and easy way to perform and monitor out-of-lab activities using a mobile application. LabWay enables the traveling phlebotomist and courier to collect and deliver samples, consumables, and packages from clients to the lab and vice versa. LabWay improves the phlebotomist’s time management, reduces the lab travel costs, and guides the phlebotomist as to the optimal type and amount of tubes. The laboratory can rely on accurate routes capturing, including timestamps for arrival and collection, which enables real time tracing of specimens.

LabWay displays the locations to be visited (clinics, patient service centers, nursing homes, and home pickup) on the route, sorted by distance from the current location and dynamically updates the pickup points in real time along the route when add-ons or deletions are performed. At a location, a list of all required collections is displayed, including information such as a patient’s phone number, room numbers, samples to collect, and collection instructions. Visits and collections are logged in real time at the lab, and can be tracked by lab personnel. This enables chain of custody tracking from collection through delivery, to be continued by LabOS until completion.


  • Route optimization – travel plan display by type and distance
  • Integrated with mobile navigation
  • Accurate timestamping of arrival and departure per location
  • Detailed patients list for each location
  • Collection and handling instructions
  • Mandatory patient positive identification
  • Accurate collection – colored display of containers to be drawn
  • Camera enabled scanning of sample barcodes
  • Shipments log
  • Visits log
  • Paperless
  • Android and iOS enabled
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The genomic revolution brings genetics testing to center stage, rapidly adding new methodologies and usage. Molecular testing, cytogenetics, FISH procedures, flow cytometry, tissue typing, chip-based testing, and high-throughput sequencing are only some of the varied usages of genetics in the lab today.

In order to successfully deal with the complex and modern genetics laboratory environment, the LabOS Genetics module incorporates a variety of powerful tools that route different samples and tests through customized workflows and automated actions. Batch processes are fully tracked, including locations, materials, statuses, responsibilities, and images.


  • Paperless solution
  • Tracks physical elements in the process (bottles, slides, etc.)
  • Complete case support with internal results, images, PDFs and more
  • Custom screen displays and result formats for various workflows
  • Familial information and case-based management
  • Full integration with other labs and systems
  • Access to full patient files
  • Easily incorporates new test procedures
  • Various managerial and statistical reports
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The LabOS Billing module was created to ensure laboratories receive the optimal return for services rendered. With most of a laboratory’s resources directed towards providing high quality, professional, and efficient service for customers and patients, billing can often pose an unnecessary burden and distraction from the primary function of serving patients. Nothing affects your bottom line more than your ability to effectively collect for completed work.

The LabOS Billing module will assist you with collection so your lab can succeed and continue to grow.


  • Flexible fee schedules enable high precision pricing
  • Full support for Medicare guidelines
  • Accurate travel calculations
  • Capitated agreement options
  • Comprehensive reporting (financial, business, and managerial reports)
  • Status tracking
  • Forecasting
  • Automated synchronization of lab order changes
  • Variety of invoice formats
  • ANSI interface engine adjusts to specific clients’ custom formats and interfaces with clearing houses
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