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Netlims is a leading global provider of Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), serving hundreds of hospitals and laboratories worldwide. Our success is based on our flagship product, LabOS, which is unique in its ability to optimize lab efficiency and drive a path to more revenue.





20+ years’ experience with 100% customer retention rate is our proof of excellence!

Our sole focused on laboratory management systems for over twenty years working with some of the biggest names in healthcare means we understand the full gamut of challenges that lab stakeholders face. We have leveraged this knowledge to provide a pioneering best-practice solution that streamlines the most complex of processes and simplifies everyday lab management.

Our unyielding commitment to customer support means our customers rely on us for growth. We oversee and manage every aspect of LabOS implementation, from gap analysis and planning, to installation and maintenance via 24/7 support.

Netlims complete lab solution allows for unparalleled customization via various add-on modules, including point-of-care telehealth, which helps clinical professionals thrive in our new legislative environment by decreasing hospital readmission rates and increasing reimbursement rates.


A partner that you can trust

Netlims provides its clients concierge level service and offers continuous 24/7 support before, during, and after the implementation process. We are proud to be considered a trusted partner to our customers, and as such we have never had a customer leave us. Our specialization in the LIS field means that customers enjoy focused, tailored support, and unprecedented industry turnaround time. New versions are released each month with enhancements and new features.

We deliver custom development with delivery times of up to a few weeks, for example for instrument and interface connections.



Netlims offer on-premises, cloud, and SaaS solutions with mobile support. Our software is patient-centric by design, is fully customizable, and is available in multiple languages. As such, we have a wide range of customers across the gamut of medical laboratories, including some of the world’s largest HMOs, hospitals, and labs of all sizes.


True independence

Our software is designed to support interoperability. It has an open API, and uses only standard components, interfaces, and database tools – effectively eliminating the need for any kind of middleware. It easily integrates with any EMR/EHR and other external systems.


Its flexible structure, which includes specialized workflows for every lab function (for example, clinical pathology, microbiology, anatomic pathology, cytology, genetics, etc.) in a shared system means you can activate functionality gradually, and have the security of knowing that you are setup to grow.


Customization of requirements according to the lab’s specifications can be achieved easily and rapidly, without reliance on us.  System outputs (reports, labels, files, etc.) are generated using standard XML-XSL structure. Your designs are captured and will continuously go forward with you during upgrades.



Netlims’ mission is to provide medical laboratories with a complete LIS software that offers the highest standards of service, while considerably increasing efficiency, lowering costs, and providing a superb user experience through our advanced laboratory solutions. Behind every product decision is our desire to create lasting value for our customers.


To say that Sonora’s LIS conversion to Netlims went perfectly is probably a bit of an overstatement, but only by a smidge.
Mr. David Moore
Laboratory Chief Information Officer, Sonora-Quest Laboratories
AutoLims was designed with the features and scalability that our old legacy solutions lacked. We feel it is one of the most flexible LIS systems available today.
Mr. Yechiel Gepner
Chief Information Officer , Clalit Health Services, Israel's largest HMO
We found the company’s cooperation outstanding. They are very responsive, react on very short notice and demonstrated impressive understanding of the laboratory world, and absolute dedication to our needs.
Dr. Amir Shneor
Head of Medical Laboratories, Ha'emek Medical Center
If it’s programmable, they can program it! There were several systems that were reviewed as a replacement for our previous application, and Netlims has met all our needs. As far as responsiveness, I have never had a problem from their project managers to their programmers. They are very knowledgeable!
Mr. Hal Wachter
Director, Client Services Director, Shiel Laboratories NY
Its openness, limitless configuration options and flexibility enabled us to customize the applications to meet the variable needs of different laboratory business focus – hospitals, long term care, reference, clinical trials or combination of.
Anna Welder
General Manager , NICL Laboratories
One of the things that was a source of frustration for us with other LIS was the inability to do reflex testing with our Pap smears. And Netlims does that very well.
Dr. Mark Catlin
MD, MedTox Scientific

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    We believe there is always a better way to do things. This is why after more than 10 years, my work is still challenging and interesting.


    Netlims is extremely challenging on almost every technological aspect – think out of the box while in it!


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