Through technology, laboratories are becoming more sophisticated in the range and quality of services they offer. Automation and novel machinery promise to expedite patient care and enhance laboratory efficiency. Precise, patient-centric testing and analysis is aided by a variety of complex connected instruments and devices that provide data from both inside and outside of the lab. Delivery robots handle several fetch-and-deliver

Before the healthcare industry can ambitiously transform to offer more accurate and personalized patient care, certain stepping stones must be reached. These four trends are inevitable if the healthcare industry is to reach its goals.   Trend #1: Interoperability The transformation towards value-based healthcare care and a more personalized approach to medicine means that the flexibility with which healthcare services are offered is

The daunting task of moving to a new LIS software can be challenging enough without considering switching your deployment model. However, the adoption of value-based health care has put laboratories under increased pressure to reduce costs, while improving operational efficiency and quality. Sourcing an agile, integrated and scalable laboratory information systems (LIS), is a key strategic decision for any laboratory.