A Laboratory Information System (LIS) is the operation system of a medical laboratory. It manages all the processes within the lab including ordering, receiving, processing, and delivering results. It is also responsible for storing all information generated by the laboratory and making it accessible at all times. A good LIS software will boost productivity, improve turnaround time, and leverage the

At Netlims we are continuously working on boosting lab efficiency. Laboratory managers need complete flexibility to accommodate the changing needs of a laboratory without incurring the heavy costs of customization. This month we have added new features to further ensure that lab managers don’t need to juggle between apps, so that they can spend more time focusing on their real

Read the review posted in July 2015 in Cap Today - the interactive guide to laboratory software and instrumentation - after deploying AutoLIMS in Sonora-Quest laboratories. Mr. David N. Moore is the laboratory chief information officer hired by Sonora-Quest Laboratories to "flip the switch" on the new LIS. Read the full article HERE.