What’s New? Move Faxes to a Virtualized Environment!

Fax machines may seem like an archaic technology, usually adding time and complication to communications. They are, however, more difficult to hack than computers, and the truth of the matter is that many health organizations still rely heavily on faxing for document sharing.

This has garnered much attention of late with several governments worldwide either banning the exclusive use of, or completely banning, faxing in government-run health organizations (e.g. the NHS in the UK has ordered a complete phase-out of fax machines).

Whether your lab relies on faxes for communication, or not, you may communicate with clients who expect to be able to conduct business with your organization over fax.

Don’t let fax machines hold you back

While you may not be able to rid your organization of fax machines altogether, they don’t need to be a burden on your organization any longer. When computer software needs to send many faxes automatically, the system will usually require physical servers, which demand maintenance and physical space.

Today, most health organization are streamlining their architecture by moving to the cloud, and virtual environments. This includes LIS products which can be supported by cloud architecture and virtual servers. Fax servers, however, are a challenge to this architecture, because they require physical fax servers to support modems.

Free your servers with Netlims!

Netlims now offers a new way to send faxes! The fax server can now be virtualized, and using a terminal server we can communicate with the external fax modems. This cleans up clutter, and offers a more optimized process, bringing your fax technology in line with the rest of your organization’s technology. It also enables LabOS to be fully functional in a cloud architecture.

virtual fax architecture



For more information about virtual faxing, or LabOS, contact us at [email protected].

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