Genetics laboratory information system

Complete Solution

The genomic revolution is bringing genetics testing to center stage, rapidly adding methodologies and usage. Molecular testing, cytogenetics, FISH procedures, flow cytometry, tissue typing, chip-based testing, and high-throughput sequencing are only some of the varied usages of genetics in the lab today. The LabOS Genetics module provides a completely computerized solution to all aspects of this high complexity testing process. All processing procedures and steps can be tracked, and all supporting documents and images can be documented and displayed in the reports, ensuring a truly paperless environment.

Flexibility and Customization

The LabOS Genetics module is designed to support this rapidly expanding and evolving field. As new technologies and methodologies are introduced, the lab needs to quickly adapt its workflow or add new procedures. With this module, one can easily implement customizations of supporting forms, layouts, and results format per procedure, making adapting faster and simpler than ever!


In order to successfully deal with the complexity of the modern genetics laboratory environment, the LabOS Genetics module incorporates a variety of powerful tools, including entering results in rich text format, and an advanced rule-based engine that routes the different samples and tests through customized workflows and automated actions. Batch processes are fully tracked, including locations, materials, status, responsibility, and images.

The module supports new technology and unique requirements, such as high-throughput sequencing devices and maintaining the known and unknown variants.

  • Complete paperless solution for all processes of the genetics lab
  • Tracking all physical elements in the process (bottles, slides, etc.)
  • Custom screen displays and result formats per workflow
  • Complete case support with internal results, images, PDF’s and more
  • Familial information and case based management
  • Rule based and formula engine
  • Full integration with other labs and systems
  • Access to full patient files
  • Easily incorporates new test procedures
  • Various managerial and statistical reports