The Only Laboratory Information System You’ll Ever Need

Selecting a new LIS is a big decision. It’s a decision that will probably affect your business for the next few decades. In a world where technology advances at lightning speed, it is crucial to choose a solution that prioritizes and integrates the latest technology. This guarantees that the solution will remain relevant for years to come, giving you peace of mind and a competitive edge

One Complete Laboratory Information System Solution

LabOS offers a unique and complete solution, which integrates all of your laboratory departments into a single database, including: Clinical Pathology, Microbiology, Anatomic Pathology and Genetics. From test ordering at the physician’s office, through the lab’s internal processes and client services, all the way back to result delivery and billing, LabOS gives you the tools to power your lab’s success.

Customized Automation

LabOS excels in automating work processes by applying custom logic that ensures consistency and compliance with lab protocols. Extensive support for pre-analytical and analytical instruments, efficiently routes work in the lab, while speeding up the work processes and reducing human error. Full integration of quality control, including live patient data based controls, patient results delta checks, and results cross checking, supports maximal auto-validation while ensuring unwavering quality. The system can automate the procedures of samples receipt confirmation, results approval, results delivery and more.

The Ultimate Patient-Centric System

LabOS ensures you provide your customers the superior service they deserve. With our unified and patient-centric system, your client services department will provide superior service. Clearly presented and accessible lab results and orders will lead to faster and better decisions. Plus, our real-time alerts will allow for increased efficiency and enhanced communication between lab areas.

Support for multiple result delivery policies and methods, together with client-tailored result report formats and scheduled summary reports, means that you provide your clients with all of the information they need, wherever and whenever they need it.

Easy and Enjoyable Interface

With an interface that is task-driven and tailored to the users’ needs, it focuses on simplicity, efficiency, and the availability of information, reducing human error and saving time. Customizable dashboards allow users and managers to monitor the loads and bottlenecks through counters, widgets, and graph displays.

Flexible Design and Navigation

Your laboratory has unique requirements and ways of performing tasks. Your workflow varies from one department to another, one workbench to another, and especially between users. LabOS enables multiple users to complete their different workflows as quickly and easily as possible. Customizable menus, views, security permissions, and workflow settings help technicians optimize their efficiency in the workplace.

One-Stop Shop for All of Your Lab’s Needs

A value-driven and customer-focused solution built to optimize lab efficiency, increase revenue, and better patients lives.

What’s Your LabOS?

LabOS offers unprecedented customization capabilities to suit every lab, big or small. Our expansive array of modules can be added to your suite for complete satisfaction of your lab’s unique needs. Our billing, genetics, and point-of-care modules allow you to build the LabOS you need to succeed, and our user-focused design makes for an easy-to-use and enjoyable interface experience.

Save Cost, Shorten Instillation

LabOS’s unique , elastic design architecture offers an extremely scalable, easy to manage solution that can be hosted in a private or public cloud. A cloud solution means that there is no need to purchase expensive equipment and worry about maintenance and extensibility.

Implementation Made Easy

The NeTLIMS team offers unbeat 24×7 customer support. Our team will oversee and manage every aspect of your LabOS implementation, from gap analysis and planning, to installation and maintenance. We guarantee a painless and fast-paced onboarding process that will have you increasing your lab’s efficiency and improving your patient’s lives in no time.

Multi-Level Permissions for Task Delegation

LabOS is designed for maximum security to ensure patient safety and protection of all medical data. The system allows for multi-level permissions settings so physician’s can delegate tasks to lab workers and healthcare professionals that suit their needs and position level.

Data Tracking Done Right

LabOS allows for complete and customizable automation across various areas of patient monitoring and data tracking. Clinical professionals can set up real time alerts to notify them of completed lab tasks and patient health statuses. You can even customize the degree of alerts for instances such as patient health emergencies transmitted via point-of-care devices.

LabOS Grows With Your Business

As your lab continues to grow and expand, so to will your need for streamlined organization, data tracking, and communication. NeTLIMS will be there with you every step of the way to scale with your lab’s successes. Our system’s flexible design and customizability allows for hassle-free expansion and evolution.

Whenever You Need Us, We’re Here For You

NeTLIMS has built its reputation off unmatched customer support. We offer 24×7 support to address any issues or maintenance needs that may pop up along your lab’s successful journey. When you choose NeTLIMS, you’ll never be left in the lurch. We will always be here to help out and offer guidance whenever you need it.

A Platform You can Trust

The LabOS system is HIPAA compliant. We guarantee adherence to universal clinical standards and best practices.

Customize LabOS to serve your lab’s unique needs with our robust suite of innovative and user-friendly modules.

Your optimal decision support system for a variety of lab interactions. LabMD is a patient-centric system that provides a comprehensive view of the patient’s history and more.

A mobile application that enables the traveling phlebotomist to collect and deliver samples, consumables, and packages from clients to lab and vice versa

A mobile app that allows patients to access their lab results and perform additional functions.

The tools you need to thrive in the genomic revolution.

Maximize your return, minimize your investment. Your solution to easy and efficient billing procedures.


To say that Sonora’s LIS conversion to Netlims went perfectly is probably a bit of an overstatement, but only by a smidge.
Mr. David Moore
Laboratory Chief Information Officer, Sonora-Quest Laboratories
AutoLims was designed with the features and scalability that our old legacy solutions lacked. We feel it is one of the most flexible LIS systems available today.
Mr. Yechiel Gepner
Chief Information Officer , Clalit Health Services, Israel's largest HMO
We found the company’s cooperation outstanding. They are very responsive, react on very short notice and demonstrated impressive understanding of the laboratory world, and absolute dedication to our needs.
Dr. Amir Shneor
Head of Medical Laboratories, Ha'emek Medical Center
If it’s programmable, they can program it! There were several systems that were reviewed as a replacement for our previous application, and Netlims has met all our needs. As far as responsiveness, I have never had a problem from their project managers to their programmers. They are very knowledgeable!
Mr. Hal Wachter
Director, Client Services Director, Shiel Laboratories NY
Its openness, limitless configuration options and flexibility enabled us to customize the applications to meet the variable needs of different laboratory business focus – hospitals, long term care, reference, clinical trials or combination of.
Anna Welder
General Manager , NICL Laboratories
One of the things that was a source of frustration for us with other LIS was the inability to do reflex testing with our Pap smears. And Netlims does that very well.
Dr. Mark Catlin
MD, MedTox Scientific