Patient access to your lab

We live in an era where there’s an application for almost everything and an abundance of information of all kinds. We have high expectations of the applications we use, just as our patients do of medical applications. Medical information should be as easily accessible as other important information. When it comes to laboratory test results, patients expect access to the results from anywhere, and because the medical field is unfamiliar territory for many, it is all too important to provide them with information that is clear and easy to understand to prevent confusion, while also being easily accessible on-the-go.

MyLab was developed for the patient, giving them access to their lab results and enabling them to perform additional functions. MyLab developers took into consideration its intended users and their level of medical literacy, as well as the high standards expected of medical applications. This ensures that the user receives accurate information and the kind of user experience that is expected of modern professional applications.

Clear and Detailed

When dealing with sensitive information, such as laboratory test results, the presentation of the information is of great importance. For this reason, MyLab’s display has been designed to be clear, organized, and user-friendly. The patient receives a comprehensive and detailed summary of the information, including ranges, a comparison to previous results, graphs, and more. Abnormal, urgent (STAT), and other non-standard results are accentuated to ensure that they are not neglected. A laboratory can also provide patients with additional test information and an explanation of the results. This can be in the form of text, pictures, videos, and more.

Complete picture

MyLab arranges all of the patients’ and their family members’ laboratory tests (permission dependent) in an organized manner and makes them searchable using filters. The results are available for an unlimited amount of time so that they are always accessible.

MyLab also displays outstanding orders that have been ordered by the physician and are awaiting collection. Future orders are also displayed, giving the patient a complete picture of all orders – past, present, and future.

Controlled and safe

MyLab enables the patient to access the laboratory results, but gives the laboratory and physician full control as to when each test can be accessed by the patient and which types of tests (pathology, genetics, etc.) can be accessed by the patient. This ensures that patients aren’t prematurely exposed to information that requires prior mediation by a professional.

  • Clear and organized display of test results
  • Graphical display of trends
  • Access to all family members’ accounts from a single account
  • Searchable history according to certain parameters
  • Results are easily shared with others
  • Displays awaiting orders
  • Guarantees patient and data confidentiality
  • Secured application
  • Communication with the physician at the swipe of a finger
  • Available for iOS and Android