Netlims Offers New LIS Enhancements Through Its Latest Release Of AutoAP

Netlims NJ, LLC, a provider of advanced Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), announced today the latest release of AutoAP, the integrated Anatomic Pathology module for its AutoLIMS product suite.

Jersey City, NJ – Netlims NJ, LLC, a provider of advanced Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), announced today the latest release of AutoAP, the integrated Anatomic Pathology module for its AutoLIMS product suite.

The AutoLIMS suite maximizes clinical laboratory productivity, efficiency and profitability based on technological superiority, accuracy, ease of use and careful attention to customer needs. Its advanced architecture and design includes multi-tier technology, multiple platform, database and order entry support, multi-user technology, Web access to laboratory results and flexible XML/XSL reporting. The enhancements provided to AutoLims through AutoAP cover a large spectrum, from clinician order entry to dozens of new management reports and higher efficiency on the production floor through various automations of routine pathology work.

Some additional features of AutoAP include:

Rapid Order Entry
A new feature was added to default sample source and work items according to procedure and print the relevant labels (requisition/sample/block/slide) in 1D/2D formats.

The remote users (clinics, patient service centers) enjoy a new design of the AutoWeb product, which was geared toward ordering pathology procedures, thus eliminating the lab need to re-enter requisitions and call back the remote users for missing data.

Production Floor Enhancement
A fast mode processing feature was added to automatically handle all steps at the grossing stage. Upon scanning of the specimen’s barcode, a cascading sequence of steps and 3rd party solutions can be triggered including label printing, MS Word activation and enablement of Dragon naturally speaking for dictation, among others.

New Result Entry Functionality
The working screens were redesigned to include more data, allowing the entire information to be located within one screen.

AutoAP users can now get real-time alerts if results are invalid or require additional review. New functionality was added for the pathologists to easily edit the results or sign the reports from one screen.

Result Report Enhanced Customizations
In addition to AutoLIMS’ standard XSL/ HTML flexible report’s design capabilities allowing pathologists to seamlessly interact with scanners and imagers in order to include digital images of slides and consultation reports in their result report, new functionality was introduced in AutoAP allowing additional data to be included such as original report in case of amendment, previous patient diagnosis and the CPT4 that were performed.

New Management ReportsĀ 
A variety of CLIA and non CLIA reports have been added. The lab no longer needs to manually keep notes and create lists. All these routine tasks have been automated, including reports on productivity, turn around time (TAT), abnormal result tracking, follow-up letters and more.

The lab’s outreach customers can now benefit from the new reports by easily generating them from AutoWeb, AutoLIMS’ integrated Web outreach module, or by requesting an automated report copy that will be faxed and/or printed periodically.

“The enhancements of AutoAP provide cutting edge technology and unparallel customizability, making AutoLIMS the perfect LIS solution for any laboratory,” remarked Gonen Ziv, COO of Netlims. “This module addresses the needs of today’s highly complex testing in modern anatomic pathology laboratories and is fully integrated into our AutoLIMS LIS.

About Netlims NJ, LLC
Netlims develops, markets and supports the AutoLIMS product suite. Since 1996, AutoLIMS has been powering hundreds of medium to large clinical laboratories in hospitals and commercial laboratories worldwide. Netlims customers include Quest Diagnostics, top New York City hospitals, HMOs including Clalit – one of the worlds largest HMOs, and hundreds of laboratory installations, worldwide. AutoLIMS is lightning fast and extremely intuitive. AutoLims supports the complete needs of all types of clinical laboratories, from an individual lab to a network of laboratories. A perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and unparalleled customizability and extendibility allows AutoLIMS to provide state of the art solutions for all disciplines inside the laboratory and for all stages of the testing process. For additional information please see:

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